For her second time around on the show, the hilarious Andie Bolt talks about the soundtrack to a great movie, “Ghostbusters,” and tells us about her own film, “WowMom,” which is about her mom coping with cancer by playing World of Warcraft, which you can donate to here.  We’re also joined by Jeremy and Allen, both friends of the show and two of my co-stars in “Ghostbusters: A Drinking Game.” 

Also, my first sketch album in 13 years – and the smallest comedy album in history at 1.2cm square – comes out next Tuesday, November 15.  Go to on the day of and you’ll be able to download “Ho, Christmas Tree!” by Dan and Jay’s Comedy Hour for free, purchase the smallest comedy album in the world physically, and get information on where to buy the CD when it comes out shortly thereafter.

Host: Jason Klamm
Producer: Mike Worden
This Week’s Guests: Andie Bolt, Jeremy Guskin and Allen Rueckert

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