If you’re a fan of podcasts, you may already know some of our work. The folks at the StolenDress Podcast Network started this new network as a home for podcasts and only podcasts. Why? Because we still want to make movies, books, TV shows and comedy albums over there, but we want people to be able to find our podcasts here, in one nice, comfortable space, unfettered by the clutter of our creative impulses.

This also makes us (we hope) a little easier to understand as a podcast network because, well, the name is not as confusing as StolenDress Entertainment. Maybe the cloud thing will throw some people off, but podcast is in the name! This was a simple move we frankly should’ve made a long time ago.

We’re still dedicated to pumping out and creating brand-new comedy podcasts on a regular basis, including some of our long-standing shows, like:

And probably some others we’ve forgotten about. If you have a show looking for a network, we’re always on the lookout, so hit us up. You can email us at or call (313) 548-0197.

Comedy Podcast Cloud is proudly based in the Metro Detroit area.