Ever wonder what it was like working in a video store? Do you dream of delivering pizza? Well, Buddies In Space crush your dreams and steal your wonderment! Wait, somehow that doesn’t sound right…

The Buddies relay their very best (and most ridiculous) recollections from their college jobs, complete with car jackings, customers who think they’re invisible, life before GPS and trailer park hierarchy.

Learn Mike’s mathematical formula for how to conduct a cost-benefit analysis on video game value. Feel sad sadness when S’mike shares how he exhausted every video rental in his small town due to loneliness…

Also, grill fires! Mazes and Monsters! Rib membrane removal!

The the Buddies even figure out what exactly is going on inside of a Red Box. Warning: You. Will. Be. Shocked.

And of course rants, riffs and humor. Mustn’t forget about those!


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