The Hoodoo Factory Episode 026 – Halloween Part A

In this episode of The Hoodoo Factory we discuss the episode Halloween. This is the second of three episodes in our “Costume-Mania” unit. Part A is the game show portion of the Hoodoo experience. In the ABSA Fever round we’ll discuss some of our favorite scenes, quotes, keepsakes, and more. In the Marty Party round we’ll discuss our answers to these hard hitting questions:

  • Is it The Real Deal (I buy it) or The McNeal Perspective (I’m selling it)?
    • Lisa has the lamest costume at the entire party.
    • Joe put in the least amount of effort for his costume.
    • Dave gout hit on by five or more men at the Halloween party.
    • Bill was more dismayed at Dorothy Johnson’s reveal than Dave was relieved to reveal he’s a male.
  • Have an Adequate Day by playing “would you rather.”
    • Would you rather be the designated driver for your friends at a rager of a Halloween costume party OR bring a date to a work party and break up with them in the middle of the party?
    • Would you rather have a psychic predict that you’ll die within three years OR have a doctor confirm that you’ll live until the age of 150?
    • Would you rather learn to handle venomous snakes at parties OR learn to juggle chainsaws at parties?
    • Would you rather have your friend borrow a “blah” outfit from you and get a constant stream of compliments on it OR have your boss tell everyone you’ll have a crazy costume for the party that night, when you haven’t picked a costume yet?
    • Bonus consequence: Get pressured by your grudge-holding boss to be the first one on the dance floor to get the dancing started.

We hope you’ll play along. Feel free to tweet us your answers by tagging @Hoodoo_Factory on Twitter. Come back Thursday for Part B where we’ll discuss the episode in greater detail.

Listen to the episode here.