The Hoodoo Factory Episode 017 – Movie Star Part A

In this episode of The Hoodoo Factory we discuss the episode Movie Star. This is the first of three episodes in our “BillBastic” unit. Part A is the game show portion of the Hoodoo experience. In the ABSA Fever round we’ll discuss some of our favorite scenes, quotes, keepsakes, and more. In the Marty Party round we’ll discuss our answers to these hard hitting questions:

  • Is it The Real Deal (I buy it) or The McNeal Perspective (I’m selling it)?
    • This episode has one of the worst cold opens of the series.
    • Considering what television was like in the late 90s, Lisa refusing to watch TV makes her an intellectual snob.
    • Beth knows more about basketball than any of the other major sports
    • James Caan had his agent reach out to Matthew the next week.
  • Have an Adequate Day by playing “would you rather.”
    • Would you rather spend 3.5 hours in an electronics store with a significant other buying a TV OR watch the CSPAN live channel for 8 hours straight?
    • Would you rather be abnormally nervous around a guest/job shadow in the workplace all day OR have a guest/job shadow in your workplace take an abnormal interest in you all day?
    • Would you rather irritate a celebrity to the point of them punching you OR throw up on a celebrity you admire at work?
    • Would you rather be considered a snob for your tastes in television shows OR go to a sporting event with a “superfan” who will act like Jimmy?
    • Bonus consequence: Lose a trivia contest where you knew the answer to all of your opponent’s easier questions.

We hope you’ll play along. Feel free to tweet us your answers by tagging @Hoodoo_Factory on Twitter. Come back Thursday for Part B where we’ll discuss the episode in greater detail.

Listen to the episode here.