In this episode of The Hoodoo Factory we discuss the episode Inappropriate. This is the first of three episodes in our “Dave and Lisa” unit. Part A is the gameshow portion of the Hoodoo experience. In the ABSA fever round we’ll discuss some of our favorite scenes, quotes, keepsakes, and more. In the Marty Part round we’ll discuss our answers to these hard hitting questions:

  • Is it The Real Deal (I buy it) or The McNeal Perspective (I’m selling it)
    • Beth has hooked up with more than two delivery guys in the office.
    • Catherine actually likes that Bill makes a big deal out of her birthday and only pretends to be angry.
    • At some point while working together, Lisa and Dave had sex in the broadcast booth.
  • Have an Adequate Day by playing “would you rather.”
    • Would you rather have a secret workplace romance as a boss with your subordinate OR have a secret workplace romance as a subordinate with your boss?
    • Would you rather fool around with your partner somewhere at your workplace OR fool around with your partner somewhere at their workplace?
    • Would you rather crash a party that you know you were deliberately not invited to OR have someone you hate throw and host a party for you, whether you attend or not?
    • Would you rather eat the burritos from Chico’s and get food poisoning OR after fooling around, have your hook-up find a pair of undergarments from a different person?
    • Bonus consequence: get caught fooling around with your secret workplace romance partner.

We hope you’ll play along. Feel free to tweet us your answers by tagging @Hoodoo_Factory on Twitter. Come back Thursday for Part B where we’ll discuss the episode in greater detail.

Listen to the episode here.