With Special Guest Ben Coury, Political Pundit and Entrepreneur!

For this episode, the Buddies are joined by national Man of Mystery and Mike’s oldest friend from high school, Mr. Benjagamin Coury (his pronunciation). He’s many things: Scholar. Political Theorist. Web Designer. Former Store Manager of a Certain Evil Cell Phone Retailer. And he’s blowing the whistle on EVERYTHING.

OK, some of that isn’t true.

What, maybe he’s not really a scholar?!

Actually, the Buddies get political for a hot damn minute (or twenty), and their guest shares some great methods to research politics in an unbiased way, as well as his predictions for how this Presidential race will play out.

The evils of sales and retail employment also get explored at length, and there’s even a happy ending for our erstwhile guest host. Awwwwww. And hey, the number of people who don’t want children actually outnumber the parents in this episode!

Plus- Video game and Dungeons & Dragons nostalgia! Pony rides! Grappa! The bizarre meta-ending of Big Bang Theory!

But you know what you’ll remember the most? All of the laughter…


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